Forest-Human-Machine Interplay - Building Resilience, Redefining Value Networks and Enabling Meaningful Experiences (UNITE)

01.07.2020 - 31.12.2024

Research group

UNITE is the flagship of the Academy of Finland (decision number 337127).

The aim of the UNITE flagship is to diversify forest-related livelihoods, promote the health and well-being effects of forests, safeguard biodiversity and increase the efficiency of forest use management and operations.

In a biosociety, humans and machines will steward our planet collaboratively and enable sustainable, rich and meaningful living for generations to come. To reach this vision, our flagship will develop 1) disruptive technologies for capturing forest ecosystem structure and functioning, 2) agile knowledge creation methods based on the forest data 3) smart decision support for human actions in space and time and 4) gameful forest interactions through gamification and virtual reality approaches for enhancing human-nature interplay. Our consortium brings together world leading research groups in forest sciences, geospatial technology, and gamification / gameful human-technology interaction, of which research and co-creation with key stakeholders and scientific collaborators will provide knowledge-based support for societies, industry and individuals to adapt changes that are caused by changes in natural – business -, and societal systems.

Time period

01.07.2020 - 31.12.2024

Group members - UEF

Cooperation partners