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Historical developments in medical education

Research group
01.04.2019 -
Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

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The research group has been founded in 2019 and its research topics are medical history, history of medical training, university history, and history of science.





Workshop 2019, Helsinki: Changing attitudes towards medical uncertainty at the research university from the 1880s

Workshop 2022, online: History of medicine within the medical humanities



1.6.2023 Nordic Medical History Congress

29.11.2022 Suomen Lääketieteen Historian Seuran syysseminaari

21.10.2022 Historiantutkimuksen päivät

10.9.2021 European Association for the History of Medicine and Health Biennial Conference




Sari Aalto, Kandidaatti kunnanlääkärinä ja epävarmuuden kokemus. Historiallinen Aikakauskirja 120:3 (2022), 318-331.

Pieter Dhondt, “Changing attitudes towards medical uncertainty in the training of physicians from the 1880s: Finland in a transnational perspective”, Hippokrates. Suomen Lääketieteen Historian Seuran vuosikirja 38 (2021): 133-148.


In progress:

Dhondt, Pieter,  Aalto, Sari,  Kleberg Hansen, Anne Katrine  & Kontturi, Saara-Maija, Dealing with medical uncertainty in and through the history of medicine, to be submitted for publication in the series: Clio Medica: Studies in the History of Medicine and Health (Leiden: Brill 2024).

Dhondt, Pieter & Kontturi, Saara-Maija, ”Courses on the history of medicine as compensation for the increasing scientification of medical education”. An article draft.

Kontturi, Saara-Maija & Dhondt, Pieter, ”Medical uncertainty, medical education, and the professional image of the late 19th and early 20th century physicians in Finland”. An article draft.

Kontturi, Saara-Maija & Dhondt, Pieter, ”Lutheran approaches towards medical uncertainty in the early twentieth century”. An article draft.



Currently the group focuses on the project Changing Attitudes towards Medical Uncertainty in the Training of Physicians from the 1880s: Finland in a Transnational Perspective. In the project, funded by the Academy of Finland, we study medical uncertainty and attitudes towards it in medical practice and medical training from the 1880s to the 21st century. The historical analysis will shed light on how much room for uncertainty there has been in medical education and how it has been related to the circumstances in society. It can offer new solutions for approaching the subject even in medical education today.


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