Industrial Forest Biotechnology and Biorefining (InBio)

24.10.2017 -

Research group

The group studies the value chains, processes and technological solutions of industrial forest biotechnology and biorefinery and related biochemical and thermochemical processes, as well as the feasibility of concepts and related product applications, as well as the carbon footprint and life cycle of production and products.


Time period

24.10.2017 -

Group members - UEF

Other group members

  • Mark Appiah, CSIR, Ghana
    Mark Appiah, CSIR, Ghana
  • Pertti Pulkkinen, Luonnonvarakeskus
    Pertti Pulkkinen, Luonnonvarakeskus
  • Jouko Vepsäläinen, UEF, Farmasian osasto
    Jouko Vepsäläinen, UEF, Farmasian osasto