Latonen Lab - Cancer stress biology

Research group

We study the molecular, cellular and tissue mechanisms that contribute to the increased ability of cancer cells to tolerate stress. We focus on the molecular mechanisms behind the different capacities of cancer and neuronal cells to deal with protein and RNA aggregates, and the ability of cancer cells to form resistance to drugs. We also query the cancer growth patterns in tissue combining this to molecular information in order to better understand the mechanisms behind cancer cells’ ability to survive in the crossfire of different stress types. In our tissue analysis collaboration projects we search for better ways to image, visualise and quantitatively analyse histology with development of digital pathology, machine learning and AI tools. Our research aims at developing better diagnostic tools and novel cancer treatments.
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Other group members

  • Minttu Kärkkäinen
    Minttu Kärkkäinen
  • Nikolas Nurmesviita
    Nikolas Nurmesviita
  • Miia Romo
    Miia Romo
  • Erika Aikio
    Erika Aikio
  • Ankur Gadgil, EMBO short term fellow
    Ankur Gadgil, EMBO short term fellow