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Neuro-Ethics and Law Research Team

Research group
01.08.2020 -


Neuro-ethics and law research team focuses on the research related to legal status and legal protection of people with brain diseases and other disabilities. In line with a holistic approach, our aim is to ensure that patients and their families, despite of the illness, have the opportunity to live a good life with dignity and to be recognised as full members of society.

New research approaches are developed by combining empirical knowledge with doctrinal legal research. Mixed research methods and materials will allow to obtain a comprehensive picture of the legal rights and access to justice of this vulnerable group. In addition, the philosophy of “nothing about us without us” is adopted by acknowledging the fact that many persons with brain diseases and other disabilities are fully capable of representing themselves or speaking up for those who are no longer able to do so. People with brain diseases, carers and their organisations will be involved to co-design and co-create research, and to promote their legal rights.