Plant resistance ecology

Research group

The research group studies the effects of climate change, such as increased temperature or UVB radiation on woody species. Especially the research is focused on carbon allocation to plant growth and chemical defense. In addition, plant bioactive compounds and their industrial refining are studied.

The effect of climate change on the growth and chemical defence of woody species are studied using laboratory conditions and unique experimental field where ambient temperature and UVB radiation are able to be followed and enhanced all over the seasons. One of the main goal is to find possible changes induced by climate change in the evolution of deciduous tree species. The species so far studied are Salicaceae species, such as dark leaved willow and aspen. In year 2016 a new ecosystem-wide study was started including main Northern species, Norway spruce, Scots pine and silver birch. This study will clarify the variation of the species in the responses to the temperature enhancement grown in the same soil and microclimatic conditions. In addition, the research group will study bioactive compounds of cultivated and wild plants, such as crowberry and Norway spruce and their refining in different products, including medicaments.