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Researchers’ Network of Environmental Culture

Research group
01.08.2008 - 31.07.2030
School of Humanities, Philosophical Faculty


Identifying and making visible the cultural meanings of the environment, such as values, attitudes and different interpretations, are key objectives of the national Researchers’ Network of Environmental Culture. The cornerstone of the network is multidisciplinary research. The network aims to strengthen and increase the integration of cultural and social science perspectives in environmental research and to establish links beyond the research community. Interaction and cooperation between experts from different fields and other social actors is also considered important.

Through academic research and debate, the Researchers’ Network of Environmental Culture provides an opportunity to connect, influence society and form research and cooperation projects. From time to time, the network organises meetings and events in different environments and participates in research seminars. At the meetings, network members can, for example, present their own research, share news about interesting seminars and congresses on environment and culture, art events and exhibitions.

The network communicates through its own ykverkosto network email list. You can join the list by contacting the network administrators: Kirsi Laurén (kirsi.lauren (at) or Noora Vikman (noora.vikman (at)


Why is environmental culture research needed?

Humans are part of nature, so humans and their cultures are also an important part of holistic environmental research. Environmental research and advocacy in the cultural and social disciplines are important elements in achieving sustainable use of natural resources. For the principles of sustainable use to become a reality, people in their environment – living, using and shaping it – must be understood and taken into account alongside ecological and economic perspectives.



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