Social Scientific Biosociety Research Network (SOBIO)

SOBIO is a research network, which brings together scholars studying social aspects of bioeconomy.

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As a multidisciplinary research network SOBIO brings together researchers from several disciplines: environmental policy, human geography, forest sciences, social sciesces and business studies.

Research group description

Our multidisciplinary research network demonstrates how the circulation of bioeconomy innovations, policies and natural resources governance in different societal spheres and levels needs and benefits from interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and collaborative multi-actor approaches in order to avoid conflicts and create synergies in sustainable circular bioeconomy solutions.

Our research draws on social scientific theories, methods and practices of governance, justice, and foresight in dealing with the environment, society and natural resource use. We aim to raise discussions about the possibilities and limitations of collaborative responsive governance and the environmental capabilities of citizens in bioeconomy.

In addition, we produce science-based knowledge about natural resources and the environment, scenario analyses and futures studies, and tools for decision-making. Sustainable well-being and the required social and institutional innovations are advanced by enabling the versatile potential of citizens who are willing to participate.

One way of engaging citizens in the science-policy nexus is through participatory action research and citizen science. However, regulatory means for supporting the use of deliberative governance in the bioeconomy transition are also needed for responsive governance and decision-making.

We seize the lacunae of impact assessments and participation in drafting processes of inclusive bioeconomy strategies and strive to develop systematic impact assessment and responsive means for governance. Thus, our interdisciplinary, future-oriented research responds to EU challenges by focusing on citizen involvement – especially youth – multi-actor governance, informed dialogue with society, regional and community socio-ecological resilience, and openness to science and innovation.

SOBIO constitutes one of the research networks of UEF Bioeconomy Research Networks and it is a vital part of the LYY network: The Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society (LYY).

SOBIO network coordinator:

PhD scholar Kaisa Vainio (School of Forest Sciences; human relalationships with nature, multispecies communities, local perspectives, land-use planning)

SOBIO Scientific Board:

Professor Irmeli Mustalahti (environmental policy; responsive natural resources governance; participation)

Professor Jarmo Kortelainen (human geography; local and regional development; renewable energy governance)

Professor Teppo Hujala (School of Forest Sciences; forest bioeconomy foresight; family forest owners’ decision-making; co-design of new businesses)

Senior researcher Henna Konu (Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies; tourism research and development projects, well-being and nature-based tourism)

Researcher Hilkka Heinonen (Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Law School)

Assistant Professor Moritz Albrecht (bioeconomy assemblages, policy translation, relational environmental governance)

Research Scientist Markus Lier (Natural Resources Institute Finland LUKE; Monitoring and assessment of bioeconomy and sustainable forest management)

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