Teacher Education without Walls – New models for STEM and Teacher Education in the Digital age

01.09.2020 - 31.08.2024

Research group


Olive project develops Palestinian University Teacher Education. The far-reaching impact is an improved quality of compulsory basic education in Palestine. Educational challenges are tackled by creating new on-line learning environments, developing pedagogical approaches, renewing bachelor’s programmes and teacher education diploma, supporting educational leadership. This will be conducted in dialogue with educational governance in Palestine. The specific outcome of this project is the comprehensive transformation of Teacher Education that equips teacher students with skills to exploit modern technologies and online learning tools.

In Olive project teacher students develop strong expertise in STEM skills and also in more general level skills known as Key competences for Lifelong Learning or 21st century skills focusing on areas of collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, self-regulation, and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Flexible learning opportunities in terms of time, place and pace give better possibilities for pre- and in-service teachers to participate. As an impact of Olive project, the quality and availability of Teacher Education in Palestine is improved. Palestinian teacher educators, pre-service teachers, in-service teachers and school leaders will be able to implement novel pedagogical practices in order to enhance quality learning.

Time period

01.09.2020 - 31.08.2024

Group members - UEF