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Towards decentralised biogas production at Pohjois-Savo III Development´s Profile image

Towards decentralised biogas production at Pohjois-Savo III Development

01.09.2023 - 31.12.2025
Department of Technical Physics, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology


Main funder

Towards decentralised biogas production at Pohjois-Savo III Development funder logo Towards decentralised biogas production at Pohjois-Savo III Development funder logo

The project is funded by Just Transition Fund (JTF). The project is implemented by University of Eastern Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland Luke (coordinator) and Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

In order to achieve the climate and low-carbon goals, actions are needed that can increase the production of renewable energy and the recycling of nutrients. Leaving from the fossil fuel economy will cause adverse regional effects in the transition phase, when the economic structure built around for peat will inevitably change. Strengthening vitality in a state of transition requires regional actions, as well as the cooperation of different actors, because there is a threat of negative effects on employment and energy supply in the region. Biogas production can meet these challenges and create new business in predominantly rural areas. Biogas production is generally accepted, promotes flexibility and secures the production of domestic energy and raw materials. In order to increase biogas production, more information is needed about new business opportunities and logistics solutions, which significantly affect the profitability of operations. In addition, enhancing the recycling of nutrients improves the operating conditions of agriculture and thus has an impact on food security and rural vitality. Also, several responsibility and sustainability requirements are linked to biogas production. This requires information on the effects of operating methods on the sustainability of the entire process and products, as well as the traceability of production inputs and production side streams.

The objective of the project is to foster biogas production and nutrient recycling by developing de-centralized biogas production model. This is done by finding cost-effective solutions around this operation model. Different needs and backgrounds at farms as well as new solutions and technologies are taken into account. The sustainability of biogas production is evaluated by producing more information on greenhouse gas emissions during operation in different seasons and developing tools for traceability. Also, costs and effects on employment are evaluated.