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Translational Vectorology

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01.04.2024 -
A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences


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TransVect group

In a nut shell our group develops and tests viral vectors for therapy. In particular we have focused on vectors for treatment of cardiovascular disease, including ischemic diseases such as myocardial and cerebral infarction which can lead to heart attacks and stroke, respectively. Our viral vector development is multifactorial and as such our projects are varied and innovative. We are continuously addressing the need for cell-type specific vectors and have developed vectors for circular RNA, a novel therapeutic tool. While harnessing regulatory elements from the genome for our vectors we have discovered a new putative transgene, and have gained better understanding of gene regulatory mechanisms, which also indicates the breadth and scope of our research. We are actively testing our vectors in clinically-relevant models as we progress towards therapeutic translation.





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