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UEF Emergency Care Research Group

Research group
22.03.2023 -
Institute of Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences



The Emergency Care Research Group is an inspiring community of researchers in medicine and health sciences. The focus of the research is system and population-level research of the social and health care emergency services, including clinical research topics. The aim of the research group is to produce both nationally and internationally significant research data, especially from the point of view of the effectiveness of healthcare.



  • The effect of the functional capacity on the patient´s outcome in prehospital care

    MD Matti Jauhiainen

    Experiences of elderly emergency patients

    MSc Milja Ranta

    Intensity of prehospital emergency care (EMSI -study)

    MD Elias Kavén

    MSc Päivi Heikkinen

  • Dissertations related to prehospital emergency care in Finland – descriptive bibliographic research

    PhD Marko Hoikka, Professor Jouni Kurola

    The need for services in emergency medical services and the significance of respond times

    PhD Marko Hoikka