What do you find fascinating in forests? Are you a keen geocacher? Join us and contribute to new research by playing the world’s largest treasure hunt game!

In our UNITE research geocaching project, we aim to test a method for collecting research data by capturing players’ forest preferences as they navigate our geocaching trails.

So far, we have established three geocaching routes in North Karelia: one at Lehmonharju in Kontiolahti, and two at Ruunaa National Hiking Area in Lieksa.

In the study, we explore how people perceive their human-forest relationship in different types of forest environments. Research data helps how people experience the forest landscape and change it. The information can be useful in forest planning.

Participation in the study is voluntary, and all answers are valuable and anonymous. If you are interested in taking part, please be considerate of the surrounding environment and act responsibly when moving along the geo-trails.


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