Plant biology

The research group studies function of plants in response to environmental and climate change by using ecophysiologial, molecular biological methods and metabolomics, and utilizes novel spectral imaging techniques for biological research.

Saskia Wutke

Postdoctoral Researcher , Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Single Cell Genomics Core

Single cell genomics technologies are transforming our understanding of biology and disease. This technology can be applied across a breadth of research areas to provide detailed cellular maps of tissues, organoids, and cell-based models.

As a part of the national Biocenter Finlan...

Systems Genomics - Heinäniemi lab

Our research is focused on elucidating disease mechanisms that are related to aberrant regulation of cell states. Genome-wide technologies can reveal the collective activity of the genome, even at single cell resolution. These readouts capture the repertoire of cell states in tissues. We study re...

Vincent Biard

Early Stage Researcher , Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Virva Hyttinen

Postdoctoral Researcher , Department of Health and Social Management