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Elena  Ppali

Elena Ppali

Early Stage Researcher

MSCA-COFUND Early Stage Researcher:Neuroscience (Neurodegenerative diseases)

A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences

I have an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from The University of Manchester, where I also completed my master’s degree in Neuroscience.  I have also completed a Master’s degree in Molecular cell biology with Bioinnovation, at University College Cork.

As part of the UEF-Neuro-Innovation programme (MSCA-COFUND), we are looking into the endolysosomal dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases, focusing on genetic risk variants for Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia. Gaining a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of disease could lead to the development of more accurate diagnostic tools and novel therapeutic avenues, as well as the identification of novel biomarkers for earlier disease diagnosis. This will hopefully contribute towards personalised medicine, tailored to the specific needs and symptoms of patients, improving their quality of life.