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Erkko  Sointu

Erkko Sointu


Special education

Development of Teaching Methods and Support for Learning

School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 560 4461

Erkko works as a professor in the special education scientific discipline at UEF. Erkko’s research interests lie in the development of teaching methods and support for learning in various educational levels (e.g., in higher education), support for behavioral and emotional functioning (e.g., strengths), learning analytics and dispositional learning analytics in teaching and research, and technology in education. Erkko’s tasks relate to research, teaching, supervising, and enabling research. Additionally, Erkko is co-leader of UEF DIGS RC pedagogy and support for learning research area. Erkko is a work package leader and PI of university context in the learning analytics OAHOT project. Erkko is also a trained teacher with experience of both comprehensive and higher education. Erkko holds title of docent of quantitative research methods in educational sciences to University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland


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