Assistant Professor (tenure track), Learning and Novel Teaching Methods Development

Erkko’s research interests lie in the utilization and students’ perceptions of flipped classroom/learning (FC/L), technology in education, strength-based approaches, and most recently research on analytics for learning. Erkko’s task are working as a research coordinator of Team Ameba and an expert of FC/L education, leading UEF Digisociety research community Pedagogical practices for 21st century research lake, teaching quantitative research methods, conducting international collaboration and research on various topics. Additionally, Erkko is a work package leader of university context in the learning analytics OAHOT project. Erkko is also a trained teacher with experience of both comprehensive and higher education. Erkko holds title of docent of quantitative research methods in educational sciences to University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland

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School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Special Education



Teaching Activities

Quantitative research methods, Flipped classroom/learning

Societal Activities

Fulbright Finland expert tasks and training

Research groups and research projects

Academic learder of Flipped Learning project (OKM 2017-2019), CO-PI of TUVET/KTVA//#Paraskoulu project and responsible investigator of students’ behavioral and emotional functioning in the project, member of research group, member of research board and university work package leader of the Utilization of learning analytics in the various educational levels for supporting self-regulated learning project (OAHOT; Business Finland 2020-2022).


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