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Helena Rovamo

Grant-funded Researcher

Early Stage Researcher

Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 468 0359

050 4680359
050 468 0359
+358 50 468 0359
+35850 468 0359
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+358 50 4680 359
+35850 4680 359
+358 50 4680359
+35850 4680359

Hi! My name is Helena. I am a social psychologist, and currently I’m working as an Early Stage researcher at the University of Helsinki.

In my dissertation I study the appeal of populism. Through this qualitative study I aim to deepen the understanding of populism as a mobilising force.  My dissertation is a part of a wider research project called Mobilising Populism. In social psychologies I’m interested in phenomenon regarding political and societal issues, such as group processes, emotions and identities. Additionally, I’ve always found issues of mental health and welfare meaningful and interesting. Prior to my studies in social sciences I graduated as a nurse from the Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

In my work, I get excited about learning or practicing something new every day. I enjoy conversations and listening to others. I sometimes immerse myself in details, but I also love to outline big patterns.

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