Professor in Silvicultural Sciences

The main research focus is on dynamics and sustainable management of boreal forest ecosystems under changing climatic conditions, with implications on the production of forest biomass, carbon sequestration, and risk management of forests (e.g. wind/snow extremes and drought). The research will also deal with adaptive management strategies needed in boreal forests and forestry and the potentials offered by forests and forestry to mitigate the climate change.

The model based research employ well-validated forest ecosystem models (e.g. SIMA, FinnFor), mechanistic wind damage risk model (HWIND), and life cycle assessment (LCA) tool developed by the research group. The integrated use of forest ecosystem model (SIMA) and LCA tool makes it also possible to evaluate the sustainability of whole forest production chain in regard to the production of timber and energy biomass and their use for wood based products and energy.

See for more details CV, research activities, projects and publications of Heli Peltola, http://www.uef.fi/web/forest/heli-peltola, additionally see also www.uef.fi/FORBIO, www.uef.fi/BORFOR