I’m professor in Finnish and in the academic year 2020-2021, I’m acting professor in Karelian language and culture.

I'm an expert in Finnish language and linguistics. Besides Finnish, my research field includes other Finnic languages, of which Karelian had recently been in special focus. I started my research with topics related to spoken language and language contacts and I have gradually moved towards studying endangered languages and revitalization. My key concept is 'majority responsibility': as a speaker of the majority language, Finnish, I feel I also have the obligation to look after the country’s minority languages. My aim is to develop sustainable multilingualism where linguistic diversity is seen as a resource.

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School of Humanities, Finnish Language and Cultural Research




+358 50 442 3418


Research groups and research projects

KATVE: Migration and Linguistic Diversification: Karelian in Tver and Finland (2018-2022) http://www.uef.fi/en/web/katve
Linguistic and Social Dynamic in Contact between Dominant and Non-dominant Languages (2017)
Kiännä! Translation, Revitalization and the Endangered Karelian Language (2015-2018) http://kianna-hanke.blogspot.com/
Kontu: The unexplored contexts language contacts: translation and interpreting (2015-2018)
Crossling: Language Contacts at the Crossroads of disciplines (2012-2014) https://wiki.uef.fi/display/CROSSLING/CROSSLING
FINKA: On the borderline of language and dialect: perspectives on cognate languages and dialects(2011-2014) https://www.uef.fi/en/web/finka
SILK: Language corpora: east from Finland (2013-2015)
Complexity in Contact: the Maintenance of Morphophonology in Baltic Finnic Languages (2010-2012)

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