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Henri  Heiskanen

Henri Heiskanen

University Teacher

Pedagogy of mathematics

School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 918 2631

050 9182631
050 918 2631
+358 50 918 2631
+35850 918 2631
050 9182 631
+358 50 9182 631
+35850 9182 631
+358 50 9182631
+35850 9182631

University teacher of mathematics pedagogy and doctoral researcher

My main research areas are related to early childhood education and classroom teacher students’ learning, teaching and motivation of mathematics. I have published several articles in scientific journals and participated in professional anthologies.

I have researched the profiles of team leadership in Finnish early childhood education and examined the experiences of early childhood education teachers about team leadership. In my dissertation, I researched the motivation, emotions, self-regulation skills and learning strategies of student teachers and their connections to the performance of mathematics tasks in different learning environments.

As a teacher trainer, I aim to promote students’ learning and support their professional development on the way to becoming a teacher.


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