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Kristin  Williams

Kristin Williams

Visiting Researcher

I investigate neglected historical figures, novel theoretical approaches, alternative ways of organizing, and overlooked innovative management strategies and practices, to broaden the field and build a more inclusive business history.

I am a Visiting Researcher with the Innovation Management research team at the UEF Business School, University of Eastern Finland. I am also the Historian in Residence with the Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University in Canada. I bring to various collaborative research projects a gender lens and a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. I am a critical management studies scholar and I identify as a polemical feminist engaged in critical historiography through activist writing and narrative methods. Much of my work has focused on uncovering neglected female figures in management and organizational studies and management history. I completed my PhD studies at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University, Canada.


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