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Maria María Recio Piva

Project Researcher

Post-doctoral Researcher

Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Combining academic expertise with hands-on experience in the field, I am a highly specialized professional in international environmental law, climate change law, forest loss prevention (REDD+), and environmental law in Latin America and the Caribbean. Over the past decade, my career has been dedicated to academia, where I have engaged in rigorous research and teaching with UEF. I have organized training programs for diplomats and government officers in a joint programme with UNEP, taught courses on international environmental law topics at the Master’s level. Prior to my academic pursuits, I played a pivotal role in environmental initiatives, reporting on environmental negotiations for 15 years, providing invaluable insights into ongoing multilateral and regional environmental processes. Furthermore, for the past two decades, I have cultivated practical experience in assessing environmental law in diverse Latin American and Caribbean countries, offering guidance to national governments, indigenous communities, local stakeholders, and regional institutions. This unique blend of on-the-ground experience and theoretical knowledge in the field of international environmental law significantly enriches my academic research.


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