Experimental Photonics

I am working in Integrated Optics, nano- and micro-structures on/in waveguide, new waveguide concepts, and other light manipulators. I am involved in applications of photonics for everyday life use.

Contact info


Faculty of Science and Forestry, Department of Physics and Mathematics



+358 50 442 3436


Teaching Activities

Lectures for International Master in Photonics: Physical Optics, Components for Optical Telecommunications

Societal Activities

Board member of the European Optical Society

Research groups and research projects

The integrated Optics Group is dealing with the design, fabrication, characterization, and application of novel photonic circuits and novel photonic elements using novel concepts.
High speed, low power consumption, low loss, mass production, low cost, disposable, and portable are nowadays the requirements for the photonic components we will use in everyday life in the near future. Based on highly integrated waveguide optics our activity find applications mainly in sensing and telecommunications.

In the group, we think novel concepts for the development of new platforms meeting the requirements of a new generation of photonic applications, we design the new building blocks of integrated optics for advanced photonic circuits and optical fibers, we fabricate challenging structure beating the limit of resolution, we characterize our optical components from the visible to the telecommunication wavelengths, and we apply our devices to everyday life experience.