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Minna  Tanskanen

Minna Tanskanen

Senior University Lecturer

Vice Dean (responsible of higher education)
Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 372 8884

050 3728884
050 372 8884
+358 50 372 8884
+35850 372 8884
050 3728 884
+358 50 3728 884
+35850 3728 884
+358 50 3728884
+35850 3728884

I work as a senior university lecturer in cultural geography, and my special area of responsibility is the development of subject teacher training, which is why I collaborate a lot with other faculties as well. Through the Erasmus projects, I have been doing international teaching development work for more than 20 years.

As the vice dean responsible for education at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, I lead the faculty’s education development committee, and I am responsible for many e.g. on matters related to student selection, curriculum work, development of the quality of teaching and monitoring the progress of studies.

My research keywords are: geography, landscape geography, social environmental research, didactic geography and development of higher education. In recent years, I have participated especially in the interdisciplinary research of the forest owners’ forest discourses.


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