Professor in Biopharmacy. Head of the Discipline

Paavo Honkakoski has a long experience in regulation of drug metabolizing enzymes, drug transporters and nuclear receptors and their applications to assess drug ADMET properties. He is involved in the emerging research area “Targeted Drug Delivery with Emphasis on Ocular Drug Treatment” recognized by the UEF, co-coordinator of the MSCA ITN consortium OcuTher ( and participant in the H2020 consortium project EDCMET. He has accumulated ~3 M€ competitive research funding. He has ~110 peer-reviewed papers garnering >5100 citations. He is active in both graduate and PhD education, having supervised >50 MSc and 11 PhD theses. He is a member of several editorial boards in journals related to drug research. He has served as a director of Graduate Schools/Doctoral Programs in drug research (2008-2017) and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at UEF with responsibilities in research infrastructures and doctoral programs (2012-2017).

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