Professor of environmental policy

Rauno Sairinen works as a professor of environmental policy at the University of Eastern Finland and as a scientific leader of the Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society. His major research themes have concerned mining policies and its social responsibility, environmental and natural resources governance, social impact assessment, environmental policy instruments and community planning. He is a member of the Board of Directors at the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and has been appointed as Honorary Professor in the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) at the University of Queensland in Australia. Currently he is responsible WP-leader in the EU’s Horizon2020 IMP@CT-project (www.uef.fi/web/serm/impact) and Finland’s Strategic Research Funding’s Core -project (http://www.collaboration.fi) and responsible leader of the Finland’s Academy project "Social license to operate": a real tool or rhetoric? Examining the mining industry in Finland, Australia, and Canada (www.uef.fi/web/serm/social-license-to-operate1).

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