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Subhanjan  Sengupta

Subhanjan Sengupta

Postdoctoral Researcher

Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 433 6147

050 4336147
050 433 6147
+358 50 433 6147
+35850 433 6147
050 4336 147
+358 50 4336 147
+35850 4336 147
+358 50 4336147
+35850 4336147

I am an Academy of Finland PostDoc and Principal Investigator of Project MILESTONE at the Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, University of Eastern Finland.

Currently, I have a keen interest in finding out how certain enterprising actors integrate social and environmental sustainability in what they do. That intrigues me to explore the sustainability agency of actors such as social enterprises, environmental startups, social purpose organisations, and even sustainability-oriented small and medium enterprises. With that interest, my current research is about the making of a socially inclusive circular economy through social and sustainable entrepreneurship and the role of business models in sustainability.

Prior to this, I have researched social entrepreneurship in rural settings, particularly on the social-market convergence, resource dependency, and ethics as practice. Occasionally, I also participate in multidisciplinary understandings related to my research by collaborating with specialists from other fields such as environmental sciences, biological sciences, sociology, and policy.

I have developed and taught courses to postgraduate students on basics of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, responsible business, and strategic management. At the doctoral level, I have developed and taught courses on qualitative research methods.