Terhi  Saaranen

Terhi Saaranen


Professor (nursing science, health pedagogy), PhD, MA (Education), RN, PHN

Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing Science

terhi.saaranen@uef.fi | +358 50 094 0242

050 0940242
050 094 0242
+358 50 094 0242
+35850 094 0242
050 0940 242
+358 50 0940 242
+35850 0940 242
+358 50 0940242
+35850 0940242

I started working at the University of Kuopio in the autumn of 2000 (1 August 2000). I currently work as a professor (nursing science, health pedagogy) at the Department of Nursing Science at the University of Eastern Finland. My task has been to  develop research and teaching in the field (e.g, teacher education in nursing science at UEF) and to teach bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate students in nursing science and continuing education programmes. My research, teaching and social activities are focused on health education, promoting health in nursing (e.g., occupational well-being research in different contexts nationally and internationally) and treating long-term health problems (e.g., job burnout, stress and related treatment and prevention among students and workers) in a digital society. Since 2001, I have been involved as a researcher and research group member in the Schools for Health in Europe network and since 2021 I have also been involved as a member in the FINE network, which is a European health care teacher network.


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