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Tiina  Ynnilä

Tiina Ynnilä

Continuous Learning Specialist

Centre for Continuous Learning | +358 50 433 9254

By education I am an ethnologist MA. My tasks focus on planning, implementation and management of various continuous learning projects and business products, especially related to responsibility and sustainable development. Previously, I was responsible for more projects related to international issues and cooperation with Russia.

My current projects:
Biodiversity now 30.6.2022-31.12.2024
Boosting Regulation and Sustainability Competence for Health and Wellness Sector 1.4.2023-31.3.2025
Education and Nature-Based Solutions: enable society to bend the curve for biodiversity 1.1.-2024-31.12.2026
Circular economy development for working life 1.4.2024-31.5.2027

My previous projects at University of Eastern Finland:
Sustainability communication network 1.6.-31.12.2023
Karelian Wellness 1.1.2020-31.5.2022
New Cultural Horizons 1.1.2020-30.9.2022


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