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Tuula  Honkonen

Tuula Honkonen

University Lecturer

Senior Lecturer of International Law

Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Dr. Tuula Honkonen is specialized in international environmental law wherein she has expertise in a variety of different themes, ranging from the national implementation of international genetic resources regulation and transboundary water agreements to the future of international chemicals and waste management. Her specific current research interests lie in the dynamics of multilateral environmental agreements, esp. the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, transboundary water law and diplomacy and climate change law issues. In her research, she seeks to combine the legal perspective to practical policy-making, both and the national and international levels. In addition to research, Dr. Honkonen has experience in teaching, journal editing, consultancy work and the preparation of training materials and exercises for international environmental law-making courses.


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