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Vittorio  Fortino

Vittorio Fortino

Academy Research Fellow

Associate Professor (tenure track) of Health Bioinformatics

Institute of Biomedicine, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences | +358 50 326 6148

050 3266148
050 326 6148
+358 50 326 6148
+35850 326 6148
050 3266 148
+358 50 3266 148
+35850 3266 148
+358 50 3266148
+35850 3266148

I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science, a PhD in Bioinformatics, and a Docentship in Health Bioinformatics. My research is centered on developing and implementing machine learning, heuristic optimization, and network data mining algorithms to tackle the principal computational challenges inherent in the precision medicine (PM) approach. PM is dedicated to the integration of molecular markers with conventional clinical data to customize medical treatment and enhance patient outcomes. My team’s current projects include: 1) patient stratification utilizing both single- and multi-view datasets, facilitated by deep learning, dimensionality reduction, and knowledge-driven clustering analyses; 2) biomarker identification through the analysis of extensive genomics data, applying metaheuristic techniques for feature selection, and; 3) the creation of network data mining algorithms aimed at discovering drug targets and repurposing existing drugs. Our work is pivotal in translating complex biological data into actionable insights for PM, ultimately aiming to optimize individual patient care.


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