Academy Research Fellow

Assistant Professor (tenure track) of Health Bioinformatics

We design and implement novel Data Mining Algorithms to systematically detect patterns in large biomedical datasets. We pursue two big goals: (1) to enable the automatic generation of new knowledge from single and multi-omics data through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, and (2) to gain an understanding of the relationship between the function of biological systems and their molecular properties trough network-driven systems biology approaches. This understanding is of fundamental importance for addressing Precision Medicine, which aims to tailor disease treatments and preventions that match the molecular properties of the individual patients. We are currently focusing on two specific computational challenges in precision medicine: Biomarker and Drug Target Discovery. We are currently cooperating with the UEF Bioinformatics Center, which provides us with computing cluster, as well as the latest software tools for data analytics and software development. We are constantly looking for new collaborators with expertise in the fields of bioinformatics and systems biology, machine learning and data analytics.

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School of Medicine, Biomedicine



+358 50 326 6148

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