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Nihay  Laham Karam

Nihay Laham Karam


Next Generation Gene Therapy

A.I. Virtanen -instituutti, Terveystieteiden tiedekunta


I am a researcher actively developing viral vectors for improved gene therapies. My focus in recent years has been to address the unmet need for targeted vectors that can regulate gene expression in specific cell lines. We use elements from super-enhancers which are clusters of enhancers in the genome, to regulate the expression of transgenes to endothelial cells. Our interest in endothelial cells goes hand-in-hand with our aim to improve angiogenic gene therapy for the treatment of ischemic diseases. In addition, to the translational projects that I manage, we are also pursuing new therapeutic targets for angiogenesis. For this endeavour, we are studying the non-coding genome. Our aim is to better understand the different regulatory roles of non-coding RNAs (including enhancers, small and circular RNAs) in affecting gene expression. Gained knowledge and new discoveries will open new avenues for therapeutic developments.


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