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Dr., Senior Lecturer, International Environmental Law

Dr. Seita Romppanen is a Senior Lecturer in International Environmental Law at the UEF Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL). She is the UEF Director of the Nordic Master’s Degree Programme in Environmental Law (NOMPEL) and the UEF Coordinator of the UEF-UN Environment Programme on Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

In her academic research, Dr. Romppanen has published on several topics relating to international and EU environmental law, especially in relation to climate law (i.e. LULUCF, effort sharing and renewable energy, circular (bio)economy and Artic climate change). Dr. Romppanen also actively participates in two research consortiums funded by the Strategic Research Council, Academy of Finland: she is a researcher in the SOMPA consortium (on land-based climate mitigation) and a work package leader in the CICAT2025 consortium (Finland’s transition to circular economy). Her teaching activities focus on EU environmental law, international environmental law and international forest law. She also supervises both PhD projects as well as Master’s theses. In addition, she holds external expert positions for example at the EU Action on Black Carbon (Arctic Council) as well as carries our consultancy projects in the field of environmental law.



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EU environmental law, international environmental law, forest law, Master's thesis seminar