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Subhanjan  Sengupta

Subhanjan Sengupta


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subhanjan.sengupta@uef.fi | 050 433 6147

I am an Academy of Finland PostDoc and Principal Investigator of Project MILESTONE at the Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, University of Eastern Finland.

Currently, I have a keen interest in finding out how entrepreneurship for sustainable development integrates social and environmental sustainability. With that interest, my current research is about the making of a socially inclusive circular economy through social and sustainable entrepreneurship and the role of business models in sustainability.

Prior to this, I have researched social entrepreneurship in rural settings, particularly on the social-market convergence, resource dependency, and ethics as practice. Occasionally, I also participate in multidisciplinary understandings related to my research by collaborating with specialists from other fields such as environmental sciences, biological sciences, sociology, and policy.

I have developed and taught courses to postgraduate students on basics of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, responsible business, and strategic management. At the doctoral level, I have developed and taught courses on qualitative research methods.


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