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Tuomas  Räsänen

Tuomas Räsänen


Historia- ja maantieteiden laitos, Yhteiskuntatieteiden ja kauppatieteiden tiedekunta

tuomas.rasanen@uef.fi | 050 564 5144

I am an environmental historian specialising in the 20th century environmental change. I have studied especially the marine environmental history, the history of human-animal relation, the history of environmentalism and the history of marine science.
I am currently leading the research project (consortium) ”Humans and Ticks in the Anthropocene” (HUTI), funded by the Academy of Finland, in which we are investigating the complex relationship between humans and ticks in the Finnish context. I am also involved in the research projects ”Cultures of Unsustainability and ”Living with the Sea in a Changing Climate”, both funded by the Academy of Finland.


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