Bioorganic chemistry

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Research in the interface between organic and biological chemistry. Protein structure & function, biorefining and bioanalytical chemistry.

The research within the bioorganic chemistry research group concentrates on three main themes: 1) Elucidation of structure and function of proteins at atomic level by using X-ray crystallography and native mass spectrometry, 2) enzymatical and thermochemical biomass refining, and 3) bioanalytical chemistry, especially high-resolution mass spectrometry. The group has a state-of-the-art research infrastructure in use. The group is a member of the Finnish (FINStruct) and a pan-European Structural Biology Infrastructure (Instruct-ERIC; networks, and provides mass spectrometry services also via EU FT-ICR MS network (

Group description

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Allergen proteins, diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies, biomass refining enzymes (hydrolyses, polyphenol oxidases), metalloproteins.


Slow and fast pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction, catalytic upgrading of bio-oils (hydrodeoxygenation, catalytic pyrolysis)


High-resolution mass spectrometry, native mass spectrometry, proteomics, metabolomics, complex mixture analysis (crude oil, bio-oils, dissolved organic matter, extracts, alcohol chemistry).



  • High-resolution mass spectrometry (12-T Bruker Solarix FT-ICR MS, Bruker timsTOF ion mobility MS; both systems with LC/GC)
  • Protein crystallography (Marresearch Mar 345 imaging plate, Nonius/Bruker FR591 rotating anode)
  • Thermochemical conversion (lab-scale micropyrolysis, Parr 4584 hydrothermal pressure reactor)
  • Protein production and characterization facilities (HPLC, DLS, SDS-PAGE, light microscopy, crystallization robot)
  • Bio-oil and complex mixture analytics (CHNOS, calorimetry, pH, TAN, KF titration, FT-IR, NMR)


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  • Yanning Dou
    Yanning Dou
  • Jie Guo
    Jie Guo
  • Timo Kröger
    Timo Kröger
  • Hanna Karvinen
    Hanna Karvinen

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