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Complex Analysis

Research group
30.08.2018 -
Department of Physics and Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology


Central research topics of the Complex Analysis research group are Value Distribution Theory, Operator Theory and Function Spaces, and Differential Equations. Value Distribution Theory (or Nevanlinna theory) deals with the growth and value distribution of meromorphic functions. Research on operator theory concentrates on concrete operators such as the Bergman projection, Toeplitz, Hilbert, integral and composition operators acting on spaces of analytic functions in the unit disc employing harmonic and functional analysis. In function spaces the main focus lies on small Bergman spaces whose harmonic analysis is somewhat similar to that of the Hardy spaces and is therefore challenging compared to the case of standard Bergman spaces. The Complex Analysis research group has been particularly strong in applying the theory of analytic function spaces in differential equations. Another central theme of recent research activity has been the oscillation theory.