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Crossroad collective: Social and cultural research on education and (working) life´s Profile image

Crossroad collective: Social and cultural research on education and (working) life

Research group

CROSE is a multi- and interdisciplinary collective that brings together scholars from social sciences, educational sciences and humanities. The members of the collective share a critical interest in social and cultural processes related to education, working life and wellbeing, covering the life course from the early childhood to the late adulthood.

In our research we attempt to make visible and challenge normative assumptions about gender, age, class, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, ability, learning, behaviour and employability in the contexts of education, working life and welfare services. We apply and develop methods to think critically about ableist, racializing, gendering or colonizing policies and practices. Our members have expertise in, for example, ethnography, discourse analytic and narrative approaches and intersectionality.

Research themes of the collective relate to social and cultural ideals of citizenship; everyday life of youth living in urban/rural regions; digitalization; urban and rural education; gender, age and class as lived and experienced; various forms of marginalization in education and working life, for example, racism, racialization, ableism, gender inequalities, age discrimination and normative assumptions about abilities; intersectionality in career counselling as well as diverse forms of activism.

The mission of the collective is to:

develop novel research ideas, creative methodologies, and empirically grounded theoretical considerations

provide an inspiring and supportive network for researchers in all career phases

provide high quality supervision and mentoring for graduate students

develop intersectional and accessible university pedagogy

The collective welcomes scholars, regardless of their career phase to discuss, share ideas and develop joint research agendas. Contact (Department of Social Sciences), (Department of Education and Psychology)