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E-leadership with digital communication

Research group
01.09.2021 - 31.08.2026
Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies


The project investigates e-leading with digital communication focusing on top managers in the IT industry. First, e-leadership strategies,
practices, and digital communication competences are explored in two culturally diverse settings: in Finland and Japan. Research data
are collected via expert interviews, focus group interviews, and participant observation in large IT companies in both countries. Second,
by triangulating the country-specific qualitative datasets, the project can build a more culture-general theoretical foundation of the eleaders’ digital communication competence (DICO), produce a conceptualisation of it, and further operationalise the construct. Third, in
the quantitative phase of the research project, the aim is to test a measure of e-leaders’ DICO with empirical data from an international
IT company. Furthermore, whether e-leaders’ DICO has a positive impact on employee motivation, satisfaction, commitment, and
performance in the IT company is investigated.


  • professor Akiko Asai, J.F. Oberlin University

  • professor Kiyoshi Hori, J.F Oberin university

  • professor Brian Spitzberg, San Diego State University

  • professor Pekka Isotalus, Tampere University

  • docent Anne Laajalahti, University of Vaasa

  • senior researcher Sanna Herkama, University of Turku