Fine particle and aerosol technology laboratory

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Research areas: combustion processes and nanotechnology

The FINE laboratory research has two main areas: 1) Combustion and emissions and 2) sustainable materials. The combustion and emission research carried out includes studies on fine particle formation, ash behaviour and emissions in biomass combustion, engine emissions, emission reduction technologies and combustion aerosol sampling systems. Health and climate effects of combustion aerosol emissions are studied as part of the UEF top-level research area "Aerosols, Climate Change and Health" and within an extensive international and national collaboration networks. The research of sustainable materials is focused on development of materials for clean air and water applications. It include nanomaterial synthesis and modification for the wastewater, treatment energy technology purposes, and carbon capture (e.g., carbon dioxide, methane) and utilization. The studies also include assessments on exposure and health-effects of engineered nanomaterials. Both research areas develop novel measurement and analysis techniques, computational modeling tools for fluid and particle systems.

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