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Food Research and Health Connects

01.09.2022 - 31.12.2024
Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences


Food research and health connects (FRESHNETS) includes a wide range of research and educational activities related to health impact of nutrition and food, carried out in collaboration with Chinese and other Finnish Universities. The project aims to generate knowledge about the nutritional values and health impacts of food through research, enhance food safety and find novel sustainable food sources which can improve the issue of food security. In addition, capacity building of the involved universities will be emphasized. The most important aspect of FRESHNETS is collaboration – both national and international. The project plans to strengthen the existing collaborations in the respective research field between and within Finland and China and facilitate new ones.

FRESHNETS is part of the Finland-China Food and Health Network (FCFH), one of the global networks of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.


  • Funding from TFK to implement a course focused on food safety

    Project entitled “Finland-China collaborative training on Global Food Safety: An approach to enhance global sustainability” (GloFoSa)
    Funding from TFK to implement a course focused on food safety
  • Erasmus+ global mobility funding

    For staff and student mobility between UEF and The University of Hong Kong aiming capacity building and strengthening of research collaborations
    Erasmus+ global mobility funding
  • Nutrition and health webinar within FCFH

    Esteemed researchers from Finland and China provided an overview on the current research scenario in the field of nutrition science
    Nutrition and health webinar within FCFH



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