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From School Path to Global Citizen's Highway III

01.08.2023 - 31.12.2024
University of Eastern Finland Teacher Training School, Philosophical Faculty

From School to Global Citizen’s Highway III project continues our two previous projects. This project focuses on language awareness, internationalization and peace education. The project is funded by the Finnish National Board of Education. The co-ordinators of the project are UEF Teacher Training School teachers Anniina Hirva, Hanna-Mari Koistinen, Hilkka Koivistoinen, Katarina Liljeqvist, Sari Parkkinen and Ulla Saastamoinen.

More information on our previous project can be found here

  • European Day of Languages has been celebrated on the 26th of September for over ten years and it has been organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union. The underlying idea of the day is to promote multilingualism and rapport in intercultural communication. In 2022 and 2023 at Tulliportti and Rantakylä UEF Teacher Training Schools, we have celebrated European Day of Languages by organising language and culture related workshops. In fall 2022 and 2023 our student teachers  planned and implemented multilingual and multisensory workshops for pupils.

    Nora Ikäheimo, Hanna-Mari Koistinen




    Rantakylä Teacher Training School

    At Rantakylä Teacher Training School Student Teachers of English, Swedish and German organised four workshops for 3rd, 5th and 6th graders. Pupils listened to extracts of  languages and identified them, connected phrases in different languages to corresponding flags and learnt to write their names in Greek. The activities were planned so that they were enjoyable. The pupils seemed to enjoy writing their name in Greek the most. For our higher comprehensive school pupils, we made a language-themed Kahoot, which they played on their foreign language lessons.

    We also had an activity pass for pupils. By doing a certain amount of activities a pupil could take part in a raffle.


    Sari Parkkinen and Katarina Liljeqvist




    Tulliportti Teacher Training school


    This fall at Tulliportti higher comprehensive school European Day of Languages included recess activities. During two recesses, our student teachers planned and implemented workshops in which pupils connected pictures of sights to corresponding flags, did tongue twisters in different languages, tried to guess the origins of loan words and could design a logo for an official European Day of Languages t-shirt. The workshops attracted a great amount of pupils and we had a happy atmosphere during the recesses!




    Our school’s 6th graders’ phenomenon classes had an additional teacher, English teacher Hanna-Mari, in the first academic period this year. The theme of the phenomenon classes was how to do good at our school and Hanna-Mari’s job was to bring out the home languages and cultures of our school. One of the aims of the lessons was to plan and implement workshops for our parents’ association NoWa’s event. At the workshops, 6th graders planned and taught pupils and their families by dancing, having quizzes, arts arts and crafts in the home languages of our school. Here, at Tulliportti UEF Teacher Training school, our home languages are:


















    The phenomenon classes will continue in the 3rd period! Then the theme will be peace education.