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Finished 01.05.2021 - 31.08.2023
School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education, Philosophical Faculty

Increasing the awareness and interest toward nature science education. Project is funded by EU Erasmus+ project funding.

The High-Fliers project seeks to contribute meaningfully to the preparation of STEM-related professional careers, and especially for educationalists within schools, higher education institutions and science promotion organisations, seen as a concern in all partner countries (Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Croatia) but also Europe-wide.

Project Goals/Objectives

  • Raise the attractiveness, value and relevance of PEDAGOGY & DIDACTICS in training STEM professionals and especially STEM educationalists
  • Ensure future STEM educationalist have a recognition of presentation and leadership skills
  • Develop new training programme modules to attract university and gymnasium students to be involved in optional educational modules prior to any involvement in teacher professional development
  • To guide Science & Technology (S&T) staff to recognise the value of presentation, leadership skills for STEM professionals
  • Extend and develop the competences of practicing STEM teachers and other STEM personnel who support adult learners
  • Increase the number of STEM teachers

The High-Fliers consortium of 3 universities (University of Tartu, EE; University of Eastern Finland, FI; University of Lisbon, PT) and 1 research institute (Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, HR) targets university students, as well as experts of various profiles, in the science and science-related subject areas – biology, geography (earth science), chemistry, physics and mathematics.

The High-Fliers project approach entails the following activities and respective results:

  • Developing the 4-module, plus support action, High-Fliers Programme geared towards promoting social attributes of particular importance for future STEM Educationalists
  • Piloting the modules with 200 educationalists in Estonia, Finland, Portugal and Croatia (i.e. undergraduate/MA students (plus gymnasium school students); teachers; non-formal STEM professionals; university/research organisation science staff)
  • Preparing the Online High-Fliers Operational Manual for University Science/STEM Staff
  • Organising local Stakeholder Workshops/Events
  • Running specific High-Fliers Module Workshops
  • Holding an Evaluation & Quality Assurance Meeting
  • Undertaking a Final Conference; complemented by partners’ travelling to make presentations at conferences


  • Website

    Welcome to the High Fliers website!
  • Website

    Welcome to the High Fliers website!