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Research group
01.01.2010 -
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology

Department of Chemistry conducts commissioned research for entities outside the university. The commissioned research is confidential and subject to secrecy. New research openings related to commissioned research and collaborative projects should be agreed with the responsible professors of the Department of Chemistry:

Materials Chemistry: prof. Mika Suvanto, prof. Jarkko J. Saarinen and prof. Olli Sippula

Organic Chemistry: prof. Janne Jänis and prof. Juha Rouvinen

Inorganic Chemistry: prof. Igor Koshevoy

Physical chemistry: prof. Mikko Linnolahti


In case of analysis services of

mass spectrometry, take contact to prof. Janne Jänis

other equipment, take contact to senior laboratory manager Sari Suvanto


Our staff members will conduct measurements, or according to an agreement, train for use of equipment. In our pricing, we follow the University of Eastern Finland’s official price lists, which are checked annually.


Research equipment

The research equipment are presented as a groups. Press the Plus sign to display a list of device that belong to each group.

  • solariX, 12T FT-ICR MS, Bruker
    analyzation of chemical structure and composition of materials

    timsTOF, ion mobility mass spectrometer, Bruker
    identification and quantification of proteins

    Q exactive UHMR mass spectrometer, Thermo Scientific
    investigation of structure and heterogeneity of protein complexes, mass resolution at high m/z

  • Vertex 70, FTIR analyzer, Bruker
    characterization of chemical structure of materials

    DX-4000, FTIR gas analyzer, Gasmet
    measures multiple gases simultaneously

    JNM-ECZ500, 500MHz NMR spectrometer, JEOL
    characterization of chemical structure of material

    InVia Reflex, Raman spectrometer, Renishaw
    characterization of chemical structure of materials

     Lambda 900, UV/Vis/NIR spectrometer, Perkin Elmer
    characterization of chemical structure of materials, and measurements of colour, transmission, and reflection properties

  • S-4800, FE-SEM, Hitachi with Noran System Six, EDS detector, Thermo Electron
    examination of structure of materials in nanometer scale and measurement of elemental composition

    SZX12 Optical Microscope, Olympus with DFC300, camera, Leica
    structure of protein crystals

    BX51, Optical Microscope, Olympus with U-TV1X-2, camera
    structure of materials

  • D8 Advance, powder X-ray diffractometer, Bruker
    crystalline structure of powder samples

    Nonius Kappa CCD, X-ray diffractomer, Nonius
    crystalline structure of single crystals

    Mar345 dtb, Nonius FR591, X-ray diffractometer
    molecular structure of proteins

  • DSC821e ja DSC823e, Differential Scanning Calorimeters, Mettler Toledo
    measurement of enthalpy change involved in chemical and physical transition of materials, and study of glass transition and melting temperatures of polymers

    TMA/STDA841e, Thermomechanical Analyzer, Mettler Toledo
    measurement of thermal expansion of materials

  • Dipcoater, single vessel, KSV NIMA
    coating of materials with solutions

    Heto PowerDry LL1500, Freeze Dryer, Thermo Scientific
    small scale freeze drying

    LaboPol-5 with LaboForce-3, Grinding and polishing machine, Struers
    polishing and grinding of flat surfaces

    VCX750, Ultra Sonic Processor, Sonics
    high intensity ultrasonic liquid processor, sample preparation, dispersion, homogenization and degassing

    MiniLabII, Micro Compounder, Haake
    compounding and extruding of small amounts of materials

    MiniJet, Injection Molding system, Haake
    injection molding in laboratory scale and preparation of test specimen

    ZM200, Ultra Centrifugal Mill with DR100, Vibratory Feeder, Retsch
    fine grinding of plastics and other solid particles

    Co WS-400A-6NPP/LITE/10K, Spin Coater, Laurel Technologies
    coating of materials with solutions

    208HR, High Resolution Sputter Coater, Cressington
    coating of materials with thin metal layers for SEM measurements

    RM 2165, Rotary Microtome, Leica
    producing thin sections of specimen

    XL-1000, Spectrolinker, Spectonics
    UV curing and drying of adhesives and coatings

  • Z010/TH2A, Materials testing machine, Zwick
    tensile and flexural testing of materials

    Tribometer, CSM Instruments
    friction and wear properties of materials

  • CC100, Cryocoolers, Neslab
    continuous low temperature cooling

    Impax-6, Crystallization Robot, Douglas Instruments
    robot for protein crystallization

    DynaPro99, Temperature Controlled Microsampler
    DynaPro99, Protein Solutions Light Scattering Machine, Wyatt

    ÄKTApurifier, Amersham Biosciences
    liqued chromatograph system for purification of proteins

    vario MICRO cube, Gas Chromatography Elemental Microanalysator, Elementar
    quantitative anlysis of nitrogen, sulphur, hydrogen and carbon

    Nitrogen atmosphere Glove Box, VAC
    moisture and air sensitive handling of chemicals

  • PowerEdge C6420, Dell (1240 cores)
    molecular modelling

    PowerEdge C6320, Dell (768 cores)
    molecular modelling

    ProLiant SL390s G7, HP (768 cores)
    molecular modelling