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Multiprofessonal Cooperation for the Resarch and Study of Logopedics (MultiLogos)

01.05.2023 - 30.04.2026
School of Humanities, Philosophical Faculty


Main funder

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The project is funded by European Social Fund Plus (ESF+). The project is implemented by University of Eastern Finland.

During 2021, the LogoTyö project was implemented at the University of Eastern Finland, the results of which resulted in 1) a network of cooperation and traineeships between the educational organisation (University of Eastern Finland) and professional actors in the field and its working model based on good practices, (2) a growth platform for Eastern Finland for a comprehensive range of speech therapy services and (3) a preliminary plan for updating the professional skills of professional speech therapists in the workforce.

In order to strengthen and further develop the objectives already achieved, the Multilogos project supporting the education sector of logopedics and the cooperation of public and private actors in speech therapy has been established. The project develops and strengthens collaborative working modes in educational and therapy facilities built on university facilities. This, for example, enables a co-operation to be conducted in a training clinic on the university premises. This is how members of the Varkosto are committed to cooperation.

As a result of the project, public sector actors and companies in the region will be better equipped to cooperate successfully with other members of the network, to link their own activities to academic training and research cooperation. As a result of the multidisciplinary activities, new work will be created in the region as well as a knowledgeable workforce, knowledgeable workforce and quality services and training products for international business activities. The project develops collaborative solutions that strengthen the cooperation between the university and the field. The project creates opportunities for close and smooth cooperation in the implementation of clinical traineeships in speech therapy. At the same time, the project builds a strategic partnership between the university and the health care operators.

The project explores possibilities for developing evidence-based clinical rehabilitation methods in collaboration with scientific research. The project establishes a framework and structures to enable development work to be carried out. The multidisciplinary internship clinic contributes to the systematic testing and development of methods. The construction of the framework and subsequently the actual development work will be carried out in close cooperation with the regional players in the field. The development work focuses particularly on the potential of various digital applications and the development work is carried out in collaboration with different disciplines, healthcare operators and industry companies.

The project will map, design and pilot a continuing vocational education program. The implementation of continuing education takes particular account of regional training needs and changes in job description, inter alia, through digitalisation and distance rehabilitation. One focus of continuing education is to support the professionalism of speech therapists who instruct clinical placements in logopedia. Continuing education is carried out in the spirit of continuous learning in collaboration with the UEF Centre for Continuous Learning and research activities and research activities in the subject of logopedics. One major objective of this activity is to build a nationally significant continuing education programme in speech therapy at the University of Eastern Finland.

In addition, the project will develop the national LogoNet cooperation. As the youngest university offering training in logopedics, it is important for the University of Eastern Finland to be an active player in the development and coordination of the national training network. This allows us to strengthen the position of the Eastern Finland region nationally and increase the attractiveness of the University of Eastern Finland as an education provider.