Nutritional epidemiology research group

Research group

Our research concentrates on the investigation of associations between dietary factors and risk of major chronic diseases and their risk factors, utilizing both population studies and clinical trials in humans.

We mainly do observational research, but also run clinical trials. Our main study population is the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study (KIHD), one of the most extensively examined study populations in the world. An important clinical trial is the Finnish Vitamin D Trial (FIND), a 5-y study of the effects of vitamin D supplementation on disease prevention. We are also involved in the Kuopio Birth Cohort study (KuBiCo), which investigates the effects of genetics and environmental and lifestyle factors during pregnancy on health status of the mother and the child. In order to reduce costs and save time in data collection, we have created an internet-based and automated food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) to collect nutrition data in large study populations.