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On the Way to General Practice Supervisor´s Profile image

On the Way to General Practice Supervisor

Research group
12.01.2021 -
Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences

In the research we want to find out what the general practice supervisor’s professional agency is like and how it develops during the supervisor education. Competence based medical education poses significant challenges for the GP’s supervisory skills. The supervisor must know how to recognize the accumulation of expertise of a trainee and guide different kind of trainees. The evaluation should develop the skills of the trainee and supervising should be like coaching. The supervisor needs pedagogical skills alongside specialist expertise, and it has been established that the supervisors professional agency is a key factor in competence based medical education. There is very little researched information how supervisory competencies develop in health profession education. With the help of the research results, supervisor education can be further developed so that it best supports the needs of supervisors, trainees, working life and patients. In addition, the educational culture of primary healthcare can be strengthened.

The research group combines general practice and general practitioner work, specialist and supervisor education and supervising skills.