Real-world Evidence Team

01.08.2015 -

Research group

We are an interdisciplinary, externally funded research team based at the School of Pharmacy, led by professor Anna-Maija Tolppanen. Our interest is in the efficient utilization of real-world data for different purposes, including effectiveness of treatments, aetiological epidemiology as well as health inequality assessment. We work with different types of methods and application areas and utilise real-world data collected from different sources. The projects range from single-site data validation studies to multinational federated analyses.

We develop, validate and implement methods and approaches for evaluating effectiveness and safety of treatments by using real-world data, and also work on risk factors for conditions with long onset period.

The applied data ranges from national register-based studies to multi- and single-centre studies using data from electronic medical records and medical reports as well as data collected specifically for research purposes.

The applied methods range from traditional statistical methods to machine learning. We work in close collaboration with clinicians and have extensive collaboration network, both nationally (e.g., VTT, THL, University of Turku and University of Oulu) and internationally (e.g., Hong Kong University, Monash University, Karolinska Institutet.

Our work is primarily focused on Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, and we coordinate nationwide register-based studies on these topics. We are also actively working projects focused on, e.g.,  pelvic organ prolapse surgery, coronary artery disease and hip fractures.


Time period

01.08.2015 -

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