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Russia in translation

Research group
01.01.2022 -
School of Humanities, Philosophical Faculty

The research team asks how translated literature constructs, reproduces and questions images of other cultures and societies. Translation is usually (and mistakenly) understood as a neutral activity. However, translation can involve politically and ideologically coloured processes of selection and editing, through which the original work is shaped to fit the literary field of the target culture. The research team will study translation practices and processes that usually ”get lost” in the finished translation. In particular, the research focuses on translations of Russian-language fiction and non-fiction on Russia published in the 21st century. In Finland, readers of Russian literature have traditionally believed that works of fiction provide information about Russian society and history. Is this perception changing? We will also try to find out, how the translation and reception of Russian literature in Finland is changing as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.