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17.08.2023 -
School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education, Philosophical Faculty

TOTY is a research group conducting research and development work in the field of ICT in education, operating in the School of Applied Education and Teacher Education in the University of Eastern Finland. Research group started operating already in the beginning of the 1990’s. Back then (before the Internet), TOTY’s main goal in research and development was defined as the research of learning and the use of ICT in learning and the teaching of how to use ICT in education. TOTY’s work was groundbreaking in the field of ICT in education at that time. During the past years TOTY’s research group has emphasized the applied use of ICT in education.

Even though technology opens up new possibilities for learning, it also challenges current pedagogical practices. The pedagogical practices are considered particularly from the points of view of teachers and student teachers, as well as from the point of view of learning at school and during free time. TOTY’s development research is conducted in the field of teaching practices, whereas co-operation between pupils, students and teachers has links with schools, nature and the social media.


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